The essence of usable icon.

Mayur Chaudhary
1 min readApr 24, 2018


Iconography Session

Icons have become an integral part of UI design. They are powerful and depictive. Icons represent and help in recalling and defining the design language of a brand. They are not only good-looking, creative but also are a living character and are self explanatory.

In my opinion here is how they support design:

  1. Animated icon helps improve usability of the feature/product.
  2. They support UX communication
  3. Are used as attention grabbers &
  4. Build strong storytelling about a feature or product.

In a nutshell, if designed well, the essence of an icon helps build on communication, visuals and usability of UI screen in a rather intuitive way.

Whats your opinion? Anything that you would like to share? Pic from one of the iconography workshop session.

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